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Dependable Roofing Company in Calgary

At Ebenezer Roofing in Calgary, our experienced roofers have the expertise to do your job with speed, efficiency and high quality. We are a year-round, family-run business that replaces and repairs roofs throughout the Calgary area. Rather than using roofing subcontractors, we have employees, ensuring that proper deductions are made on their behalf. It also ensures that the people completing your roofing job are dedicated professionals who take pride in their craft. We use top-quality shingles that come with a warranty and thoroughly explain the steps involved in your roofing project. Schedule an appointment with us by giving us a call.

The Sign of a Trusted Home Service Pro


The Sign of a Trusted Home Service Pro
HomeStars Verified home service pros have successfully passed our rigorous screening process to help you hire safer and smarter.

From a satisfied customer in 2021:

We are very pleased with the work that Ebenezer Roofing done at our home. The Euroshield Rubber roof looks great and we are pleased with the results. Karen, Hank and Terry were a pleasure to work with as well.

We Are Certified Residential Roofing Inspectors

What Is Haag Certification?

The Haag Certified Inspector (HCI) courses are Haag’s premier comprehensive training programs. These intensive 3-day Certification Programs are designed for intermediate level professionals, combining damage assessment training and testing.

HAAg Certified

What Does Haag Certification Tell You About Me?

It’s common sense: building materials don’t last forever. Throughout a product’s life cycle, its ability to keep you dry and insulated can be affected in a variety of ways. The natural process of weathering and aging can be accelerated by a number of factors:

Problems during manufacturing

Design issues or errors during installation

The damaging effects of hail and wind or other non-natural (mechanical) forces

While these issues are very different in origin, on the surface they can look quite similar. Determining the true cause of an issue with confidence requires advanced knowledge and thorough investigation techniques.


This is why Haag Certification is so valuable. Haag certified inspectors are not beginners in the field. They are adjusters, estimators, home inspectors, roofing contractors, consultants, and other industry pros who have fine-tuned their inspection skills to find damage where it exists.


Haag certified inspector are tested professionals who possess the resources to assess the damage confidently.

Why Choose Us?


Your roof is arguably one of your home's most essential components, and you should only trust the professionals for its upkeep. Ebenezer Roofing is a roofing company in Calgary with years of experience behind us. What has enabled our family-run business to grow is our commitment to providing our clients with quality services and tailor-made roofing solutions. There are many reasons to choose our roofing company in Calgary, such as:

  • Years of Experience
  • Certified inspectors
  • Customized solutions
  • Reputation
  • Excellent customer service

If you need roof repairs or would like to schedule an inspection with our roof company in Calgary, please get in touch with us. We're always available to assist you.


Comprehensive Roofing Services

Let our roofing company in Calgary assist you to keep your roof in top shape.

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