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 Roof Repair Is a Call Away

We invite you to reach out to our experienced roofers for roof repairs in Calgary.

Top-quality Roof Repair Services in Calgary

You should only turn to professionals when you have a roof leak or ice-build-up threatening to damage your gutters. At Ebenezer Roofing, we have years of experience offering dependable roof repair services in Calgary. We can fix your roof. Our repair team will arrive promptly to conduct an in-depth inspection and diagnose the problem that's causing the roof damage. We will minimize the damage and focus on repairing your roof quickly and efficiently so that you can go back to your daily routine as soon as possible. If you'd like a quote from us, contact our team today!

In addition to roof repairs, we also offer installation services all year long. You can browse through our gallery page for our past work.


Our Services

Leakage: Issues with your roof can cause water to seep through the ceiling and walls and leak into your home. The causes of a roof leak can be from faulty engineering to over-exposed roofing materials. We will identify the source of the leak, address it, and reduce the damage.

Wind damage: The wind in Calgary can get pretty strong, affecting your roof. We offer effective customized solutions to help repair your roof after wind damage. Our team will repair the parts damaged by trees and flying debris to secure your home.

Ice damage: Winters can be hard on your roof, causing problems associated with snow and ice accumulation. Inadequate drainage and improper roof maintenance can cause extensive damage to your roof, letting moisture enter your home. We can provide you with dependable ice damage control services, including ice damming, to keep your home comfortable in the winter.

Skylight repair: Skylight roofs require special care and attention to remain smudge-free. We offer complete skylight services, including inspection, repair, replacement and maintenance. Our roofers in Calgary will ensure that your skylight performs its best and provides your home with natural light throughout the year.

Call us today if you have a roofing emergency and need prompt roof repair services in Calgary.

Worker repairing a roof

Repair Now Instead of Later

Over time, your roof experiences weathering from exposure to the weather, hail, sun, debris, tree limbs and more. The failure to keep up regular roof maintenance and perform roof repairs on time could set you up for trouble. Ignoring minor problems with your roof can gradually cause them to grow, which requires expensive replacements later. Contact us to schedule an appointment to assess your roof.

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