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Ready for a Roof Makeover?

Ebenezer Roofing is the right choice to give your property an exciting curb appeal with our professional roofing services.

Get Reliable Roof Warranty in Calgary for Your Property

At Ebenezer Roofing we take pride in our work and back all our roofing repairs and new roof installations with a written warranty. Details of your warranty can be found on this page. Please call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free roof inspection.

Get Ongoing Support Even After Your Roof Is Installed

We know how important it is to our customers to have a quality residential roof installation. Our aim is to have a satisfied customer, a top-notch job and guarantee that you can count on for your roof. We offer ongoing support if necessary after the completion of your roof installation, that is why we have a Customer Service Representative. We will be available if any issues arise to help you with your shingle warranty and any issues arising from weather events.


Details Related to Warranty

Ten-year warranty on workmanship.

20 Year manufacturer's warranty available on IKO Dynasty and Nordic shingles.

Lifetime warranty on Malarkey products.

We will replace any wood rot upon removal of old shingles.

Ice and water shields will be installed to eaves and valleys.

Synthetic underlay applied to the remainder of the roof.

Metal flashing replaced in all valleys to prolong roof life.

Wood rot will be replaced without charge unless cost proves substantial.

Any new charges will be reviewed with the customer before proceeding.

Ebenezer Roofing will be responsible for clean-up the job site.

Ebenezer Roofing carries liability insurance with Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company.

Payment is due upon completion of job. Estimate becomes a contract once signed, dated and returned to Ebenezer Roofing's representative.

Removal of interior items to prevent possible damage due to vibration during the replacement project is customer's responsibility.

Workers' Compensation Board covers all Ebenezer Roofing workers and Ebenezer Roofing is in good standing with WCB.

Ebenezer Roofing will make a follow up call to customers one month following job completion to ensure customer satisfaction.

More About the Warranty on Your New Shingles

In addition to a ten-year warranty on workmanship, Ebenezer Roofing uses quality shingles from trusted manufacturers. This means that your new shingles come with a warranty. Look below to find the details about the warranty that comes with the shingles you choose as well as samples of each brand.

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