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Customers are often most concerned about the length of the shingle warranty, and this makes

sense. You’re spending a lot of money on your roof, and you want it to last. Some contractors

and insurance companies expound on the length of their warranty and how it is so superior to

others – insurance companies often tell customers they will only get this amazing warranty if you use their contractor.

One of our friends had an insurance claim about 3 years ago and wanted to use our company to

replace the roof a relative persuaded him to use the insurance company’s contractor because

the warranty was lifetime. Just this year, we were called out to repair the roof. Where is the

insurance company and contractor now?

These warranties are only for manufacturer’s defects and are usually 15 – 20 years. You can

buy an additional 5 years with some brands – but remember – they are only covering

manufacturer’s defects.

After this ‘iron clad’ or ‘right start’ period begins a monthly depreciation sliding scale. One of

the shingle manufacturers we use let you choose any product warranty - including those from

other brands. They have confidence in their product.

Some products have an airtight warranty, but it is not transferable to the new owners should

you die. Check it out!

A rubber roof is more expensive but has a 50-year warranty against defects.

Everything else will be an insurance claim unless the product doesn’t stand up to its hail or wind


Don’t be fooled by these wild claims about warranties - it’s just not so!

It’s up to the customer to do their research for their choice of contractor and shingle product.

The right contractor will spend time with you to discover the best options for your home and

your budget.


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