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How Does a Warranty Work for Shingles?

The shingles on the roof of the house is being replaced

If you live in the hailstorm capital of Canada – southern Alberta - you're no stranger to what hail stones can do to your home. In June 2020, hail stones pummeled Calgary, causing over $1 billion in property damage. All shingle manufacturers offer warranties, and so do roofing companies. Homeowners who suffered roof damage from the storm could use their shingle warranty to cover some of the repairs, but it depends on the type of warranty. We've put together a guide on shingle warranties to help you better prepare for Calgary's next weather event.

Warranties Provided by the Shingle Manufacturer Homeowners choose specific brands of shingles because of their high quality and excellent warranties. For example, most manufacturers provide what they refer to as a limited lifetime warranty. Many homeowners assume the warranty lasts forever, but that is not correct. All manufacturers’ warranties cover only defects in materials and have a 15-year warranty. Once that milestone is passed, the warranty is reduced by a small amount each month. You can also buy extended warranty coverage – each manufacturer is different. Manufacturers generally extend the warranty to the second owner when you sell the house if you transfer the warranty within about 90 days. Before ordering your shingles, ensure you understand the fine print in your limited lifetime warranty. What Are Workmanship Warranties? Contractors offer workmanship warranties. A workmanship warranty covers the installation work on your roofing project. Workmanship warranties offered by roofing contractors guarantee the quality of installation. While the warranty won’t cover the roofing materials, it will cover the installation. It can last anywhere from 2 to 25 years. We at Ebenezer Roofing provide a workmanship warranty for as long as you own your home. Workmanship warranties don't cover storm damages, including hail damage. In Alberta, it is recommended that you purchase a class 3 or 4 shingle that provides hail protection. Tip: If you have a home warranty, it may cover hail damage. The Optional Extended Warranty Considered an upgrade, most manufacturers offer extended warranties. If you opt for this type of warranty, you can extend the length of time you have replacement coverage. Warranty programs come with different tiers. Your cost depends on which coverage level you choose. Also, not every shingle product qualifies for an extended warranty. It's wise to review options with your roofing contractor before finalizing the contract. Contact Ebenezer Roofing to Schedule Your Next Roofing Project Manufacturers’ warranties protect your investment. If you experience product quality issues, you're covered. A workmanship warranty will also protect you against problems caused by incorrect installation. Ebenezer Roofing in Calgary uses the best roofing materials available on the market with a workmanship warranty. Contact us today for more information on shingle warranties or schedule roof repairs or replacements.


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