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Southern Alberta is the hail capital of Canada

When replacing your roof, the ideal shingle is rubber. We install Euroshield, manufactured right here in Alberta. It has a 50-year warranty and can stand up to anything this climate can throw at it. Although more expensive, consider that if you pay $15,000 in 2023 to replace your asphalt roof, 15 years from now, when it comes to replacing it again, you will probably pay double - plus the $15k you paid now. The bonus with rubber is that you will never have to replace your roof in your lifetime, and the cost now will be under $25,000, most likely.

If that still sounds a little too rich for you, there are some great hail-resistant asphalt products out there - our favourites are the Malarkey Brand - Malarkey Legacy, which is a class 4 shingle - meaning it can withstand the impact of 2" hail and Malarkey Vista, another class 4 shingle that can withstand the impact of 1.5" hailstones. IKO Dynasty and IKO Nordic are also good quality hail-resist

ant products.

These two shingles have 17-year and 15-year manufacturer's warranties against any product defect. We at Ebenezer Roofing offer a lifetime workmanship warranty: which means we stand behind our work for as long as you own your home.

Call us now at 403-998-5321- we're offering to pay the GST and offer free estimates for your roof replacement. We are certified installers for all these products and proud Alberta Allied Roofing Association members. We've got something to fit your budget.

We also offer financing - get approved in minutes through Financeit. Check it out on our website.


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